Beekeeping Class

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Important Information

The Beginning Beekeeping Course is an in-depth class designed specifically for those who intend to purchase bees and equipment and begin beekeeping upon completion of the course at the end of March. Due to past experience, we regret that we are unable to accommodate infants and young children in class. Children 10 years and older who can sit quietly through two hours of lecture are welcome.

The general estimated cost for bees and equipment to start beekeeping is $700-$900.

NPBA makes all prior reservations for package bees for students – students do NOT need to make individual arrangements. This is done before the registration process starts, so it is anticipated that class participants will begin beekeeping upon completion of the course. Please contact Class Registrar before submitting a class registration if you already have bees and are interested in taking the course.

The delivery date of bees varies, but is usually in latter April to early May. There are certain timed tasks that occur with the pick up and installation of new bees that span several weeks. Prospective beekeepers who have out-of-town commitments already planned in April through mid-May should assess their situation to see if their travel plans might interfere with their ability to begin beekeeping. (Contact Class Registrar for more info)

We strongly recommend that students do NOT purchase any equipment until after completion of the equipment section of the course. We do NOT recommend that inexperienced beekeepers consider utilizing used equipment because of American foulbrood (AFB) contamination and other disease concerns (this is discussed in the class).

Prospective beekeepers will need an area on which to site two hives. Electric fencing for bears is usually required. Those on rented property, those in communities with a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) and those who may be moving within a year should carefully assess their situation to see if this is the right time to begin beekeeping.

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Other Options

If you are interested in learning more about honey bees and beekeeping but are not ready to commit to keeping them, here are some other suggestions:

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